Don’t ask me why I started polishing my learther boots at 11:30 pm, because I wouldn’t be able to explain. I just know I started.
And my latest tutorial for @designcutsdeals is live you guys!
Old wax: the French edition of Love story’s soundtrack, also courtesy of @angeliquebirky’s parents.
New old wax! While Michael Jackson isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, @angeliquebirky’s parents got us this 1982 copy of Thriller. Anyone able to tell me if this is a first pressing?
New wax! @MassiveAttackUK’s Blue Lines from 1991.
By the way, I completely forgot, but last weekend saw some new wax hitting our shelves! Here’s @Metric’s “Old world underground, where are you now?” from 2005
Coming soon to a tutorial near you
Tentacles. by Hello i’m Wild ! on Flickr.
+ by Nisa Yeh on Flickr.Via Flickr:
How are you?
andrew chalk artwork for cd on his Faraway Press (via To have ventured outside the limits of your own perimeters - 50 Watts)
Denizens, In the Crowd 7 inch, back page of booklet, design by Denizens (1980) (via Denizens of the Fantastic Planet - 50 Watts)