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Ladies and gentlemen, I’m incredibly proud to announce that my photocopy noise texture pack is now available on the Arsenal!

To celebrate, I wrote a detailed tutorial/product demo, using @Jeff Finley's Awaken tee design pack as my starting point.
I’d love your feedback on the tutorial. I’ve written a few recently, and I’m enjoying it very much. I’d love to perfect what I’m putting out there, and your feedback is critical to do so.
A little handy FAQ:
Q: But I’ve already purchased the textures from your Creative Market store! Do I have to buy them again? A: Nope! But you SHOULD go read the tutorial, as it includes helpful tips on how to get the best out of the texture pack Q: Do you have a preferred place for us to buy the pack (as in Arsenal vs. Creative Market)? A: Well, the commission on CM is slightly higher, but I love ‘em Go Media folks, so either way is fine by me. Q: Screw this, we want new products! A: It’s in the works, thanks for asking.
Oh my visitor is back.
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