The keeper’s kin. by David Talley on Flickr.Via Flickr:
I recently acquired some new props, so my nephew and I ventured into a woods near the base of Mt. Baldy in Los Angeles to shoot some photos. At one point, he was hesitant to go further down the path, so I told him that the garment pictured above was a magic sweater that he could wear to make him fearless. 
Needless to say, we ended up hiking in much farther than I intended, past wild animals and across fields of poison oak - and he insisted he led the way, haha. He even took my camera at one point and started shooting photos of his own.
Gasp by Nico Nordström on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Model: Jennifer Johnston
Photography/Editing/Wardrobe/Makeup: Nico Nordström
Assistants: Decker Derdeyn and Mallory Pate
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Pregnant Hadouken by Extra Medium on Flickr.Via Flickr:
For whatever strange reason, the concept of Hadouken has been hitting the internets with everyone jumping on the bandwagon.  Just like planking or owling or coning, this is the newest photo trend.  And funny enough just a couple weeks ago I did a maternity shoot down at the beach and applied this same concept with the young woman and her fiancé.   The concept was that her belly was so big and the idea of a baby so amazing that he was just blown away.
The Flickr Blog even picked up on this trend so now we know it’s huge.
I know when our nugget gets here in May we’ll be just as blown away.  Hope your weekend is amazeballs.
Fighting claws by Webby61 on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Sometimes birds use their claws as offensive and defensive weapons.
It is common to see birds of the same species squabbling amongst themselves, but to see birds of different species fight is in my experience less frequent.
In some of the shots I’ve taken of Robins in flight it is evident that they have very long legs. This may give them a distinct advantage in such an encounter.
Getting this kind of shot is very difficult and time consuming. To get both birds in acceptable focus is about luck every bit as much as it is about judgement. I would say that this is a one in a thousand shot, pity the light was not better.
Das gebaute Bild by linus_lohoff on Flickr.Via Flickr:facebook fanpage
Quidditch by jillian nicole. on Flickr.
Air Mail by Boy_Wonder on Flickr.Via Flickr:
For Project Soul Pancake: PenPal on the Down-low.
This challenge was perfect for this week, as I’ve just started mailing out my christmas cards (perhaps by balloon, you never know!). I’m usually way more organized but this year I’ve been a bit behind on the holiday stuff!  Today was my last day of work until 2012 so hopefully I can catch up on everything on my list :)